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ACYOA Programming

The ACYOA conducts a variety of exciting programs for youth across the nation. Selected programs are highlighted below, click through to learn more.

Annual General Assembly & Sports Weekend

The General Assembly is the ACYOA's annual business meeting, where officers are elected and programming is set for the coming year. It is almost always held in conjunction with Sports Weekend on Memorial Day Weekend. Learn more...

Armenia Service Program (ASP)

The most popular service project of the ACYOA is the Armenia Service Program in which young adults travel to their homeland not only to tour, but to provide service to their brothers and sisters in Armenia. Learn more...

Chapter Workshop

For ACYOA executives, this is a great opportunity to learn helpful tips and tactics to make your chapter stronger! Learn more...

Leadership Conferences

The ACYOA Leadership Conference is an opportunity for young members of the Armenian Church to hone their leadership skills to better serve their parishes and communities. Learn more...

Regional Conferences/Meetings

The Central Council has, when needed, facilitated regional conferences or meetings to provide a forum for open and honest discussion, cooperation and communication among the chapters in a given region. Depending on the needs of a particular region, the intent of the gathering could also be educational or spiritual growth. Learn more...


Held every Palm Sunday, the purpose of ACYOA Day is to focus attention on the vitality of the organization, its members, its accomplishments, and its role in the local parish community. It is also an opportunity for the ACYOA to promote its programs and honor individuals who have made an impact on youth in the Church. ACYOA Day is primarily celebrated in the local parish.

For more information on ACYOA Day or for assistance in organizing an event in your church, contact

Holy Land Pilgrimage (HLP)

The ACYOA Central Council is committed to providing opportunities, when possible, for its members and other young Armenians to visit Jerusalem and experience the importance of our presence in the Holy Land.? Most recently, the ACYOA joined the Department of Youth and Education of the Diocese in 2007 to co-sponsor a pilgrimage with nearly 50 participants; and in 2008, the Central Council sponsored its own trip. These pilgrimages include guided tours of the sites in and around Jerusalem with a spiritual and cultural focus that provides participants with an insider's view of the Armenian Quarter and Patriarchate. No pilgrimages are planned for 2010. For more information, contact