Central Council


Alina Grigorian

Ministries and Outreach

St. Mesrob Armenian Church

Racine, WI

Alina Grigorian is a very involved member of the ACYOA. She has been a part of the ACYOA for over 14 years (as soon as she could join Jrs). Alina also attended Hye Camp, starting as both a camper and counselor, starting at 9 years old, attending yearly up until 22 years old. Alina also was a participant at St. Nersess Seminary’s summer conferences. Alina has attended General Assembly and Sports Weekends, Leadership Conferences, Chapter Workshops, Lenten Retreats, and more. Alina attends every Armenian event that her schedule allows. Alina traveled to Armenia in 2012 with the Armenia Service Program (ASP). Alina also traveled on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2015, where she was able to positively enhance herself spiritually. The ACYOA and those involved in ACYOA, have had such an amazing and positive impact on Alina, and she hopes to also be a positive influence on others in the ACYOA community as well.
Alina graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2017. She also graduated with a Master of Social Work in 2019. Alina completed an internship at a counseling agency and free clinic, where she completed mental health intake assessments on clients, and then provided free counseling services to those who could not afford it otherwise. Alina currently works for a group home, assisting those with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities in reaching their goals to their maximum level of independence and has been there for 6 years, progressing in her role. Alina is very passionate about helping and understanding others and will do so in any way she can. Alina enjoys photography, eating, laughing, and environments that promote peace & joy.

Other Members


Sona Dagley


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Nora Knadjian

Vice Chair


Nick Tashjian