Arsen Yelegen


St. Gregory the Enlightener Armenian Church

White Plains, NY

Since a young age, Arsen Yelegen has been an active member of St. Gregory the Enlightener Armenian Church in White Plains, NY. He is both an Armenian School and Sunday School graduate. After graduating from Sunday School, Arsen began serving on the altar and is currently a sub-deacon. He is an active member of the ACYOA and has served as the ACYOA Juniors Chairperson as well as the vice co-chair of the Seniors. Arsen has served as the public relations coordinator on the Central Council for the past two years.


During that time, the Central Council has switched over to a new user-friendly email marketing platform, and has begun featuring chapters and individuals in their monthly newsletters. Arsen is currently in the process of creating a new ACYOA website to replace the current outdated website. During his time away at college, Arsen volunteered as a youth advisor for the St. Peter ACYOA Juniors in Watervliet, NY. He also helped lead altar serving classes with the youth of the parish.


Arsen has been actively involved with the national programming that the Eastern Diocese has to offer. He has served as a CIT and as a staff member at St. Vartan Camp. He has also attended several Lenten Retreats, Chapter Workshops, and Leadership Conferences. In the summer of 2016, Arsen had the privilege of participating on the Armenian Service Program (ASP). Lastly, Arsen has attended numerous St. Nersess summer conferences over the past 11 years as a participant as well as a counselor. In 2014, Arsen was a participant in the pilgrimage to Jerusalem with the St. Nersess Deacons’ Training Program.


Arsen graduated from the University at Albany in 2014 with a double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice. He is currently working as a caseworker for adolescent youth at The Children's Village and is also attending grad school at John Jay School of Criminal Justice.

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