What are Chapter Connections?

The ACYOA Central Council has been listening to its members and recognizes the need to reach out to our membership on a more personal parish level. Therefore, during the early months of 2019, the Central Council began traveling to our parishes and working with our membership through a new initiative called Chapter Connections. This program replaced the national Chapter Workshop, with the hope of greater personal outreach to all parishes over a three-year period. The goal of each Chapter Connection is to develop relationships, identify the chapter’s strengths, analyze their struggles, and assist each ACYOA chapter with developing a plan for future ministries and programs. To reach this end goal, Central Council members will lead the members through icebreakers, bible study, a chapter assessment, a discussion of their strengths and challenges, and conclude with goal setting. Each Chapter Connection will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual chapter in collaboration with the pastor and ACYOA chapter leadership.