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Central Council


Jackie Russell
Vice Chair

St. Gregory of Narek Armenian Church 

Richmond Heights, OH

Jackie Russell has been an active member of St. Gregory of Narek Armenian Church in Richmond Heights, Ohio since she was young. She has served on both ACYOA Juniors & Seniors. In 2013, the Cleveland, OH ACYOA and families traveled to Armenia for 2 weeks of service and sightseeing. She’s also been a strong leader in their annual bazaar and other events including cooking, meal packing, home visits, and event planning.


Jackie grew up attending Hye Camp and later served as a CIT and staff member until she was 19. She had the opportunity to participate in the 2019 ASP trip where she connected with people from across the diocese.  In addition, she’s attended Sports Weekend, the ACYOA Mission Trip, and various virtual ACYOA ministries. Jackie also represented St. Gregory of Narek on the Eastern Diocese's 2023 Young Adult Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in June. 


Jackie graduated from The University of Kentucky in 2022 with a major in Architecture. While at UK she studied abroad in Milan, Italy, did research under professors, was an undergraduate TA, and received many scholarships and awards for her academic accomplishments. She currently works and lives in Kansas City, MO. Through all of her travels and moves, Jackie's found the Armenian community. In both Milan and Kansas City, the Armenian Church has helped her feel at home and give back to her community while living far away. With all the support, opportunities and joy the Armenian community and ACYOA has presented her, Jackie is excited to give back, serve, and recognize others.


Ani Misirliyan


Mardig Klachian
Ministries and Outreach


Michael Sarafian

Other Members

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