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Central Council


Mardig Klachian
Ministries and Outreach

St. Sarkis Armenian Church

Carrollton, TX

Mardig Klachian has been involved with the ACYOA from a very young age. Born and raised in Dallas, TX, Mardig served as an alternative and then eventually Chair in ACYOA Juniors. Since then, he has also served on the ACYOA Seniors board in the St Sarkis Armenian Church and has hosted Armenian indoor soccer tournaments and Father’s Day picnics at the lake. Following his passion for playing sports Mardig helps lead soccer for the St. Sarkis Armenian church on Sundays for the ages 15 and up. The ACYOA has impacted Mardig’s life as he loves getting events created to get people together and have a good time. With his love for getting involved in the church, he hopes he encourages others to find their passion through the church in order to be involved as well.


Mardig graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a B.S. in Marketing. With Marketing as his major and his passion for sports, he currently consults marketing strategies for small businesses. Outside the ACYOA, he very much enjoys playing basketball and soccer with friends. He also enjoys watching MMA and watching young Armenian prospects rise in their careers.

Other Members


Ani Misirliyan


Jackie Russell


Michael Sarafian

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