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How to Form an ACYOA Chapter

Forming a Chapter

Five easy steps to help you form your own ACYOA chapter!


  1. ​Organize five or more young adults, ages 18+, who share a common interest in the Armenian Church.

  2. Have all the potential members contact their friends in the appropriate age range and promote the forming of an ACYOA chapter.  Get as many people involved as possible!  You may even want to host a social event to draw in a crowd and get the word out. Some examples of events are dinner, movie night, game night, etc…

  3. Speak with your parish priest or parish council chairman about information regarding formatting a chapter. Also, write a letter of your intention to form a chapter and have it signed by your chapter chair, parish council chair and parish priest. Send it to the ACYOA Central Council.  If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact your regional liaison, listed in the regional contacts section of our website. They can offer their guidance along the way and in most cases, attend an event you organize.

  4. Each chapter should elect by secret ballot, five to eleven members, who shall constitute the Chapter Executive Committee. This committee should consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. The results of the election should be approved by the priest and the parish council. In the event there is neither a priest or parish council, the Primate and ACYOA central council will decided approval.

  5. Have fun!



  • Don't hesitate! If you are interested and notice there are others that seem to share the same interest, work towards forming a chapter.

  • If you have a local parish, meet with your priest who can help you get organized.

  • Don't give up! Even if you have less than five members to start, chapters can blossom into a large number of youth after time.

  • If you need anything do not shy away from contacting your regional contact. We are here to help and love to start new chapters!

If you are interested in forming a chapter, please contact the ACYOA Central Council Vice Chair, Jackie Russell, at Click the link below to download the new chapter letter template.

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