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Central Council


Ani Misirliyan

St. John Armenian Church

Southfield, MI

Ani Misirliyan has been an active member of St. John’s Armenian Church in Detroit, Michigan since she was little. She is a Sunday School graduate and has always been a member of the ACYOA. She joined her ACYOA Juniors chapter when she was 12 and became chairperson when she was 16. After serving as chairperson for two years, she became a member of her ACYOA seniors chapter. She then served as the chairperson of her ACYOA seniors chapter for 3 years.


Ani grew up going to Hye Camp and served as a CIT and counselor until she was 19. She then served as the camp office coordinator for both St. Vartan and Hye camp for the following two summers. She hopes to continue to help with the diocesan camps in the future. She also participated in ASP in 2017 and loved having the opportunity to connect and serve her community. 

Ani graduated from Michigan State University in 2020 with a major in Elementary Education. She moved to Illinois in 2021 and started teaching kindergarten. She is excited to continue teaching kindergarten this year!  

Other Members


Jackie Russell
Vice Chair


Mardig Klachian
Ministries and Outreach


Michael Sarafian 

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